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Making Blank

Thick Double Large Oiled Acacia Tray - Washington

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Thick Double Large Oiled Acacia Tray


This listing is for a single tray.  Singles are processed for misfits using our quality control standards.  There is about a 20% misfit rate in our processing.  Misfits have larger or more than usual wood filler, slight cracks, or other blemishes.  Misfits are often still quite useable for practicing, full engraves, or other projects.

Sourced direct from factory, these trays are a product of India.  The tray comes oiled and wrapped in brown paper.  Each tray is unique due to variations in the wood.  

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Laser machine engrave settings vary by machine and style preference.  For the Glowforge: I prefer 1000 speed, full power, 270 or 340 LPI.  You do need to remove the crumb tray.