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Making Blank

Misfit - Single Small Acacia Meat Board - Washington

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Misfit Single Small Acacia Meat Board


This listing is for a single board.  Misfit boards have cracks, glue seam separations (also known as cracks), too many filler spots, filler spots separating from the wood, too many planer grooves or random chips.  These boards are great to use for epoxy projects or with a little TLC they are good as new for regular expected function.

Sourced direct from factory, these boards are a product of India.  The board comes oiled and wrapped in brown paper.  Each board is unique due to variations in the wood.  There may be small spots of wood filler to fill natural holes.  

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Laser machine engrave settings vary by machine and style preference.  For the Glowforge: I prefer 1000 speed, full power, 270 or 340 LPI.  You do need to remove the crumb tray.