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Making Blank

Misfit Olive Wood w/Resin Boards - Misfit Board 0 - Standard Blue 46x23 - Multiple Locations

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Olive Wood w/Resin Boards

These come from China.


Misfit Board 0: Standard Blue Resin 46x23x1.5cm (18.1x9.06x0.59in) 

Misfit: May have a bubble breaking the resin surface, many bubbles in the resin, an overabundance of insect trails, or some blemish in the wood or resin to warrant misfit status.


Boards will now come in a pearl foam bag that is inside a plain brown box.  This is much nicer for us as we can reuse the protective padding whereas once the white tissue paper is opened, it's not very attractive for repackaging.

Re: resin - the factory has an FDA certificate indicating the boards have been tested and are food safe, which I’m happy to share upon request. My research indicates that resin can be used for cutting boards but would advise to not do heavy chopping. I would encourage you to do your own research if you have concerns.

Follow Making Blank and Making Blank Group on Facebook for updates on the boards, ideas for how to use them, and engraving settings.  For the Glowforge, so far I've liked 1000 speed, 90 power, 270 LPI.