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Making Blank

High Quality Bamboo Utensils - Washington

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RTS prices:

Singles - $1.25 each utensil + shipping.

Set of 5 - $6.25 + shipping

Box sets showing do include shipping already in the price.

64 individual utensils in a medium flat rate box = $95

13 sets of 5 in a medium flat rate box = $96.25

A set of 5 includes a spoon, forked spoon (spork), flat spatula, curved spatula with spaghetti hole, and slotted flat spatula.

When they arrive to you, the utensils will likely have some white powder spots.  This is from the utensils rubbing together during shipment and easily brushes off with a quick wipe or washcloth.


The quality on these are amazing with a beautiful smooth finish. Sourced directly from a factory in China in the heart of bamboo country.

I originally sourced these for some school fundraisers and now they are part of my regular offerings for engraved items and blanks. I actually had to go to Walmart and bought out all their Mainstay sets because we ran out of spoons for the fundraiser. (Mostly because I had helpers learning on engraving 🙂.) The Walmart Mainstay bamboo utensils are horrible quality and they were $5 a set. I used to purchase utensils at other retailers such as Ross and Dollar Tree and the quality on these is much better.


Utensils comparison video.

Video tutorial for how I create text in Inkscape, load to GFUI, pin down utensils, and engrave.

Glowforge Settings:

Manual height to 0.49

Full power, 1000 speed, 270 LPI

I'd recommend starting with running 1 at a time until you get more comfortable with it.  I usually run 5 utensils at once.  If you run more, you have a higher chance of the engrave not lining up where you think it will due to the camera's effect.  The Glowforge will also try to autofocus, even though you've set manual height to 0.49.  You may have to start the print and wait for it to update to time, then cancel, realign your images, and start again.