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Making Blank - Washington

SOLD OUT - New version coming - Glass Water Bottle w/Silicone Sleeves - Washington

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SOLD OUT - February 26 - We will be launching the new bottles and colors soon.  If you have a particular color you'd like to request, please contact Shishona -


Updated price and removed rebate program - testing finished.  Please note, this bottle no longer comes with extra sleeves.  They are available for $3 each.

Ready to Ship from Palouse, Washington - This listing is for the first version of a 500ml (~17 oz) High Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle, Non-Slip Protective Silicone Sleeve, Bamboo Lid and Bamboo Straw.  Released June 7, 2022.


5 colors available - Rouge, Apricot, Sage, Lapis, Fossil

Can be used for hot or cold liquids. No odor, 100% Borosilicate Glass. All parts BPA free. Top shelf dishwasher safe but recommend hand washing bamboo parts.

Do not microwave, do not freeze. 

*Bamboo is a natural material and should be taken care of appropriately to ensure no mold growth. 

Product of China

Glowforge settings to start with testing:
600 speed/65/450 or 675 depending on the size of the engrave
De-focusing helps you decrease your LPI and not have as much lines showing