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Making Blank - Washington

Inductive Cell Phone Charging Pads - Washington

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Wood Type

Single Light Charger Closeout - our manufacturer substituted the electronics inside without telling us. These chargers only have one color light when charging, instead of the two color lights we ordered.  30% off original price automatically shows.

Wireless Inductive Technology Cell Phone Charging Pads

Wood types: Maple, Cherry, Bamboo, Sapele, Beech and Walnut

Ready to Ship (RTS) 

Compatible with Apple and Android using Qi technology.

Inductive Technology Compatible Phone Interactive Website - check if your device works

You may use these images for your own advertising.

If you have these at events, I'd recommend a battery pack to have one on display for customers to try with their phone.

For a dark deep engrave on the Glowforge, Full power/1000 speed/270 LPI

To engrave down to the clear extruded acrylic to let light through your engraving - Start testing at Full power/270 LPI/700 speed.  Do not engrave too far down or you will hit the electronics underneath the acrylic.  You will also need to ensure your design is free of small pieces as they will fall off the charger.  You can re-glue them on but it's better to have a lot of surface area to keep the wood adhered to the acrylic.  Warning - engraving the acrylic will reek.  Extensively.  It's extruded acrylic.

The factory has provided a guarantee on these, so if you receive one that doesn't work, please let me know.