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Making Blank - Pennsylvania

Buy 1 Board or Coaster - Get 1 Tester Free - Read the description - Olive Wood w/Resin Boards and Coasters - Pennsylvania

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These are meant to be a tester board to perfect your settings.  They will be damaged in some way.  Limit one per person.

I'm sorry this is a bit complicated but apparently the coding is limited so until I can get that fixed:
Load one item to your cart - board or coaster -
You must purchase one other olive wood w/resin item in order to redeem this free item.  The purchase can be from any location, but be aware of shipping costs if trying to combine between locations. This is a buy 1 get 1 free sort of deal.  You will only be able to claim 1 free item - board or coaster. 
You must use "OliveTester" as your discount code at checkout for this to work.  It should work with other discounts and sales.


Please post in Making Blank Group what your best settings are and we'll collect them into a library for others as a starting point.

For the Glowforge Pro, so far I've liked 1000 speed, Full power, 270 LPI - but I like it dark and deep.