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Closeout - Full Veg-Tanned Leather Bracelet - Closeout

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Closeout - these are laser safe.

I commissioned some leather bracelets to test for our leather line.  The first 2 batches were semi-veg tanned so not laser safe. Batch 3 is laser safe and available here. The 3rd batch is veg-tanned but not to my standards to continue to carry in this production method.

They are hand made and hand dyed. The bracelets are dyed twice with 2 close but different colors to create a brushed look. There are 2 size choices - 8” and 9” and two color choices - brown and burnt sienna (redder version).  The edges have been painted/sealed and the full bracelet is waxed. The back is not dyed. The hardware and stitching were added before the dye job (instead of after).  I've provided extensive feedback to our supplier so here is hoping the 4th version will be perfect for our regular inventory.  :) 

The bracelets do need to be worked a bit before wearing because vegetable tanned leather is stiffer than chromium tanned leather.  If you put the bracelet on before working it, the clasp is easy to pop apart because of the tension in the leather.  To work it, roll it tightly in all directions many times to break in and crack in the leather.  This will also give the bracelet more of an antique look.  

$5 each for our group + shipping