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Making Blank - Pennsylvania

Case Rate - 12" Acacia Serving Board - NBNH - Pennsylvania

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12" Acacia Serving Board - No Bark, No Hole (Living Edge)

Includes free file with 3 campfire designs by Kristy Randolph

Board Size: ~11.81x9.84x0.59 inches

12 boards in a master box.

This listing is for a case of 12 boards, not processed for misfits. The great, the good, and the ugly. There is about a 20% misfit rate across the board. MB QA measures qualify misfit as too many wood filler holes, an uneven wood seam or gap in the seam, choppy edges instead of live edge, or wood filler that doesn't completely fill a hole. Most misfits are easy fixes. Misfit boards are still good for practice, staging photos, full board engraves, or chopping up to make something cool (resin perhaps).

If you would like us to process each board, order by the Single.

Shipped via UPS ground.

Sourced direct from factory, these boards are a product of India.

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Laser machine engrave settings vary by machine and style preference.  For the Glowforge: I prefer 1000 speed, full power, 270 or 340 LPI.  You do need to remove the crumb tray.